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Top 3 uses for Virtual Reality technology

We are witnessing a new technology emerging. Virtual Reality is a way to experience a real or a simulated experience from the comfort of your home using a vr device. Just like you use a TV were you get sound and image from a documentary. The unique thing to Virtual Reality is that the image is in 3D. Adding depth to any video you watch, it almost makes your brain think that you are actually in that reality. And this is what studies have found researching the effects of using VR on brain and our nervous system.

The application of this technology are just starting to show. Lets go through the domains that uses the most this new technology.


1. Education

From basic home schooling, where you can use new ways of learning, up to medical training. Imagine doing an operation in a simulated program that is almost 100% close to reality, without having to put a patience life in danger. And you can repeat that experience until you get it right. This is a huge game changer for medical field.
And the entire field of education can benefit VR applications. Some are already implementing this technology with great success.


2. Entertainment

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This is probably the filed that will push virtual reality technology the most, as it is the one that gets to use it the most. From watching live events (ex NBA games), 3D movies or interacting in augmented reality with a pre-written script or without one. Some sports events are already offering VR tickets that are cheaper than the normal tickets. As for the movies, VR is a huge step forward to get the viewer immersed in that reality. It is a huge step forward compared to the 3d cinema glasses, that are miles away from the quality you experience with a vr device like Oculus for example. Because of such devices the adult industry started to explore this years ago and now "vr por" is the top trending keyword in sites like pornhub. Anyone that has a vr device and wants to experience vr videos or you want to find out waht are the top vr porn websites can visit vrselector.com


3. Military

military training in vr

This is a filed that has experience with all kinds of simulators. From training to fly aircraft to drones and other military equipment. Now with VR the 'cockpit' is closer than ever to reality. Not to mention that operating military vehicles and equipment can be done without the risk or getting injured or worst than that...


There you have it. 3 top uses for vr technology.
What other uses do you know for VR? Write in our comments.